Superintendent's Message


Welcome to the Westmoreland Central School District website.  We hope that the information contained in this site is useful, informative, and easy to access.  As we strive to improve communication, this site will be vital as we attempt to get the latest information to the community.  We certainly invite you and strongly encourage you to check this website on a daily basis to read all the latest news and happenings.  Any suggestions you may have regarding this site will be welcome.


The mission of the Westmoreland Central School District reads as follows: The community of the Westmoreland Central School District ensures a positive, academically challenging environment for all to become responsible, resourceful citizens.  We as a staff are committed to this mission and will do everything possible to live up to its promise.  It is the goal of each of us to provide the best education possible while meeting the needs of each individual entrusted to us and we are committed to doing this in a safe, friendly and inviting environment. 




The Regent’s Reform Agenda, the current movement underway to improve education in New York State, has been in the news pretty frequently the past few months as people struggle to understand the Common Core Learning Standards, the new assessments, the curriculum resource modules and the APPR scores for teachers and principals.  The goal of this reform is to prepare all students to be college and career ready upon graduation.  The four major initiatives of this movement are: the adoption of new learning standards, providing all students with high-quality teachers, helping low performing schools to improve and the creation of data systems to track student progress.  While these four initiatives are all essential to success, there are many misconceptions as to what they actually mean.  When being discussed many people refer to all these initiatives collectively as the “common core”.  The Common Core Learning Standards are merely a set of standards, not entirely unlike those that we have been following for the past 15 plus years.  I have attempted to help you understand some of what the reform agenda is all about.  To learn more please click here.  I would encourage you to read the attached document and contact me if you would like to further discuss any of these topics.