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    Welcome to Physical Education at Westmoreland High School.  With the opening of the Middle School, Mr. Gates and Mrs. Mihm are excited about smaller class sizes and being able to tailor the Physical Education curriculum more toward the needs and abilities of high school students.  Our curriculum involves 3-4 week units that focus on the importance of cardio-vascular fitness and life-time activities as well as cooperative activities and team games.  

    One of our additions this year has been the use of heart rate monitors during our fall fitness unit. This winter we had the opportunity to expand our cross country skiing and snow shoe unit.  All high school students were able to experience and enjoy learning to ski and snow shoe which certainly helped our winter go by quicker.  We even had students who went out and purchased their own equipment.

    The students are currently enjoying our always popular floor hockey unit.  Our next unit, also quite popular, is our badminton, table tennis and shuffle board unit.  This unit really gets the students involved in life-time activities.

    Once the snow FINALLY melts, we will again be heading outside for units including tennis, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, orienteering and softball.  Students should bring in some extra clothing to keep them warm on those cool spring days ahead.  

    We are excited about continuing to expand and improve our curriculum in the coming years.  Some of the activities we hope to add are golf, mountain biking, rock climbing, and project adventure activities. 



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