• Senior College & Career Enrichment Program 

     "Your FUTURE is our BUSINESS!"

    To Participate:
    A student must complete a portfolio packet which includes permission slips from parents and teachers, a resume, application letter, references, introduction letter, and a meeting that discusses professional appearance and attitude. The student must also have good academic standing and attendance and is required to submit a research paper addressing his/her career choice and rationale.
    About the Program: 
    This program gives young people a new perspective on their studies through hands-on learning and a one-day or more mentoring experience. Students are paired with a mentor who they will “shadow” throughout the day to experience how the skills they learn in the classroom can be applied to the real world.
    About the Experience:
    The experience can affirm a student's desire to pursue a particular career, or the experience lets them know the reality of the career is not what they expected and allows them to look in other directions before possibly spending time and money in a college preparing for a career they find is not for them.
    Spending a Day: 
    Spending a day with the host gives the experience of a typical day and the opportunity to ask questions of the sponsor about education needed to prepare for the career, time commitment, earning possibilities and working conditions.