Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Reynolds

My name is Cate Reynolds and I am pleased to be the Coding Instructor for Westmoreland Elementary students. I have taught students as young as 3 and as old as 21, and enjoy elementary school the most, so I am very fortunate in my new position. I earned my graduate degree in education at SUNY Cortland, but , being a curious person, have studied varied topics, including science, graphic design, and fashion. I enjoy writing, creating art, sewing, and have just started kayaking and playing the ukulele!

Coding, using computer language to direct a computer, develops logical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and perseverance. Students of coding learn not just to direct a computer program to perform a series of steps to accomplish a task, but also explore multiple solutions, evaluating each. This is a skill that transfers to art, science, sociology, and more, allowing workers in any profession to make the most of the avalanche of information that is increasingly at their fingertips. For Kindergarten through 4th grade, we start with simple mazes and tasks, gradually solve more complex puzzles and problems, and learn to express ideas and tell stories through coding.