• The Westmoreland Central School District is pleased to announce the opening of its first student run federal credit union in conjunction with the Rome Teachers Federal Credit Union.  

    Mission Statement

    To give students an opportunity to gain real-world learning experiences and help develop strong money management skills and career readiness.  

    Rome Teachers Federal Credit Union

    Rome Teachers Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member owned financial institution dedicated to providing highly personal service to the employees, students and families within our local school communities.  RTFCU

    Westmoreland Jr./Sr. High School houses a student run credit union. Students are able to open accounts and conduct transactions at their school while participating in savings programs to encourage and develop a habit of savings on a regular basis. The students selected as volunteers work alongside a Federal Credit Union employee and gain real-world, life-long employment skills by managing and marketing the student branch. All transactions and accounts are completely confidential.  

    This experience gives our students a unique and hands-on way to take control of their money and financial future. If you have any questions regarding the time schedule or the program, please contact Mrs. Weissenberger at the high school.  

    KEEPING IT REAL ... Real World - Real Life - Real Education

    Empowering "Students helping Students" to develop youth financial awareness.