• The Connectivity Center (CC) - a skills integration lab - is a centrally located space in the Jr./Sr. High School that is dedicated to enhancing the communications skills of all students, grades 7-12, across all disciplines, with the goal of producing a digital portfolio for the individual student that showcases pieces from all the content areas. This digital portfolio will be added to each year the student attends Westmoreland and is enrolled in one of the content area courses.  

    About the CC:

    • The CC is a hub for all students to utilize throughout the year, regardless of ability, in order to hone the writing skills that are distinct to each of their teacher’s content areas.
    • The CC is for individual, group and peer-to peer-conferencing.
    • The CC also supports teachers - or content area departments - in producing digital portfolios of their students to track their progress from year-to-year.
    • The CC supports each teacher’s tasks.