• First Grade Supply List

    Please DO NOT label the following items with your child’s name.

    1 4-pack of black, fine tip dry erase markers (dollar store)
    1 lined dry erase board (about 9x12) (no frame)
    2 dozen #2 pencils (sharpened, thank you)
    3 boxes of 24 count crayons
    1 pair of Fiskar scissors
    1 set of watercolor paints
    1 box of small erasers that fit at the end of a pencil
    1 LARGE box of tissues
    1 empty frosting container
    2 sturdy home/school folders with your choice of design (no prongs) ****Please place name on front.***
    2 plain red folders (no prongs)
    1 plain green folder (no prongs)
    2 plain yellow folders (WITH prongs)

    Student’s name NEEDS to go on the following items

    Lunch boxes
    Water bottles

    Thank you for your cooperation. We are enclosing this list so that you can take advantage of the back to school sales.

    The First Grade Teachers