• Government in Action

    In order to increase your appreciation of government and examine how government works at the local level, you need to see first hand how our government operates. Therefore, in order to increase our level of understanding regarding this process you will be REQUIRED to attend AT LEAST one (1) school board meeting AND AT LEAST one (1) local government meeting (either a town or village).

    Each town and village government as well as the school board has been informed about this assignment.  The list of meeting dates will be posted.

    You will be REQUIRED to do the following:

    • Attend at least one school board and one town/village board meeting
    • Attend the meeting for at least 1 and a half-hours. I am urging you to stay for more if you can.
    • Have one of the board members sign your “notes” sheet as proof that you attended the meeting.
    • Take notes at the meeting on the major issues, etc.
    • Report to the class on the following day with a short discussion relaying what was discussed at the board meeting.
    Upon arrival to the meeting, pick up an agenda, talk to your partners about which agenda point you will be discussing with the class so everyone has a talking point the next day, and finally, listen closely to what is being discussed. Have some back up possibilities to listen to in case there is not a lot of information provided on the topics.
    The following day, please bring in your signed note sheet and be ready to discuss briefly whatever agenda point(s) that were considered.
    You will find the schedule for both Town Hall Meetings as well as School Board Meetings attached.