concert band
  • Lesson Groups

    A - 5th and 6th Grade Flutes

    B - 5th and 6th Grade Trumpets

    C - 7th and 8th Grade Flutes

    D - 7th and 8th Grade Trumpets

    E - 5th and 6th Grade Clarinets

    F - French Horns

    G - Mallets

    H - 5th and 6th Grade Percussion

    I - 7th and 8th Grade Clarinets

    J - 5th and 6th Grade Trombones

    K - 7th and 8th Grade Percussion

    L - 7th and 8th Grade Trombones

    M - 5th and 6th Grade Saxophones

    N - 5th and 6th Grade Low Brass

    O - 7th Grade Saxophones

    P - 7th and 8th Grade Low Brass

5th Grade Band, 6th Grade and, 7th and 8th Grade Band

  • Lessons:

    Students have band lessons every week. Students will have smaller group lessons with Mrs. Davis one week and larger master class style lessons with Mrs. Cutler the next. Lesson attendance is a part of every band student's grade. Lessons are excused when the student is absent from school or has a lab, test, quiz, or presentation in their academic class. If a student will be missing their lesson for one of the above reasons they should let Mrs. Davis know BEFORE their lesson. Students should speak with their academic teacher prior to missing class for a lesson as well. Students are responsible to make up any work missed.

    Each student was given a personalized lesson schedule and calendar indicating when their lessons are. Lessons schedules are also posted in the band room and many other teachers' classrooms throughout the building.


    Students are expected to practice 100 minutes on their instrument each week. This does not include band rehearsal and lesson time. Students have selected a practice sheet that they think will work best for them. A parent signature is required each week to receive full credit for practice times. If students forget to have their practice sheets signed a note from home with total minutes practiced or an email from parents/guardians to Mrs. Davis will suffice.