New York State Driver's Permit Test

  • Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Our school district is presently participating in the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Online Knowledge Test Application Program. This program allows high school students that are at least fifteen years of age the opportunity to take the learner’s permit knowledge test via an Internet connection within the JR/SR High School Library and Information Center. (Students can take the test at 15 years of age; however, they cannot apply to DMV for a Learner’s Permit until they are 16 years old).

    School District responsibilities are:

    •     Provide students with the appropriate manuals and forms in order to complete the learner’s permit process.

    •     Provide a computer with Internet access and a printer.

    •     Provide a test proctor, who will be responsible for administering the test.

    •     Test proctor(s) will check proof of identity presented by each student, collect a limited amount of student information and load it into the test application, provide students with log-in passwords to the test and monitor students while they take the test.

    •     Test proctor(s) will score the test and give a receipt stating if the student passed the test.

    Student responsibilities are:

    •     Bring in an original birth certificate for proof of age.

    •     Provide appropriate information to fill out online forms in order to access the test.

    •     Be prepared to take the learner’s permit test.

    •     Read each test question and select the appropriate answer.

    •     With the assistance of a parent/guardian, fill out appropriate forms to bring to the DMV office.

    Parent/Guardian responsibilities are:

    •     Make sure the student is prepared to take the test.

    •     Read informational packet and help student fill out appropriate forms.

    •     Bring completed forms and appropriate fees to any DMV office in order to complete the learner’s permit process.

    Link to New York State Driver's Manual and Practice Tests:  NYS Manual and Practice Tests

    Link to New York State Driver's Manual PDF version:  PDF version

    At the present time, the test is given in the JR/SR High School Library and Information Center before or after school or during study hall. If you have any questions, please contact me at (315) 557-2655 between 7:30-8:00 a.m. or 2:30-3:00 p.m., or anytime by e-mail at  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions students must make an appointment with me before taking the test.  Appointments can be made via email at


    James R. Cichon
    School Library Media Specialist