Academics: Improving Student Performance

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    Study Skill Help
    • Need help concentrating on what you're studying?
    • Do you have trouble reading difficult books or understanding essays?
    • Do you find yourself unmotivated to do schoolwork?
    • Need some tips on taking and studying from notes?
    • Do you have trouble writing papers and proofreading what you've written?
    • Just need help with study skills in general?

    Improving Student Performance: A Guide for Parents and Students

    For students who are having trouble in school, here are some ideas to help you improve your grades. Click on: How to get help in school. For parents whose child is having trouble in school, here are some ideas on how to help your child improve their school performance. Click on: What can I do if my child is having difficulty in school?


    The SQ3R Method - Reading for a Purpose!

    When reading, studying and writing papers, you might find this method useful! Click HERE.
    Here is more information on the SQ3R method!