All students will strive towards individual excellence, become independent thinkers, be meaningful contributors and life-long learners, embrace who they are and look forward to who they can become as they prepare to be respectful, productive citizens in a diverse and evolving society.


    The Westmoreland Central School District will work collaboratively with the entire community to maintain a safe and nurturing learning environment where high expectations are the norm and risk-taking, rigor, creativity, independence, and innovation are valued and fostered.


    -Every student possesses a passion for something positive and that we can nurture that passion by building a relationship with each and every student.

    -Our staff, by modeling a love for learning and creating an expectation of excellence, will help students to realize their talents and ignite a desire to learn.

    -A motivated and passionate staff is essential to achieving student success.

    -All stakeholders should regularly promote and engage in two-way communication that is respectful, proactive, supportive, efficient and accessible.

    -We cannot grow without embracing change. We welcome and encourage new ideas, ongoing professional development opportunities, innovations and resourcefulness - and the continuous improvements gained as a result.

    -Staff and students share the responsibility to ensure collective success.