• Photos 1-3: "Pit" in Bus Garage. The "pit," one of the repair bays, is outdated and no longer approved for use by the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT). A new lift will create a safer working environment and allow the district to comply with current DOT standards.

    Photos 4-7: Jr./Sr. High School roof. Portions of the existing Jr./Sr. High School roof in need of replacement, and not replaced in previous projects, will be replaced. The insulation "R" value will be increased to meet current energy code requirements.

    Photo 8: Jr./Sr. High School boiler system. The existing steam boilers at the Jr./Sr. High School will be replaced with high efficiency hot water boilers and related unit ventilators, creating a total hot water system. This conversion will reduce energy consumption and provide for better temperature control.

    Photos 9-16: Jr./Sr. High School pavement/sidewalks. Old, worn out and cracking pavement and sidewalks at the Jr./Sr. High School adjacent to the gym and bus garage will be replaced. This will help prevent sinkholes. More handicapped parking spaces will also be made available.

    Photos 17-19: Jr./Sr. High School Gym floor. Over the last several years, the district has experienced issues with the current Jr./Sr. High School Gym floor, including dead spots and buckling. The gym floor will be replaced, becoming more suitable for physical education classes and athletic contests.

    Photos 20-23: Jr./Sr. High School corridor ceiling/lighting. Portions of the Jr./Sr. High School corridor ceiling will be replaced with an accessible ceiling system and new LED lighting. The new lighting will reduce energy consumption, resulting in monetary savings.

    Photo 24: Primary Elementary School emergency lighting unit. In the event of a power outage, emergency lighting must immediately activate. To increase visibility and safety, additional emergency lighting units will be installed in public restrooms and corridors at the Jr./Sr. High School and Primary Elementary School.