• "Educating our students today, for tomorrow's workforce."

    Internships are work-based opportunities in which students engage in learning through practical and relevant experiences at various internship sites. Internships are undertaken by students who are at or near the end of their preparatory academic program.

    Internship Career Opportunities

    -Audio/Video Technology
    -Business Management
    -Education and Training
    -Human Services

    Advantages to Students

    -Affords the opportunity to explore and verify career interests and competencies in an actual job situation.

    -Establishes desirable work habits, attitudes and communication skills while developing a sense of responsibility.

    -Offers specialized learning experiences outside the confines of a classroom.

    -Promotes a personal success, which may motivate interest in other school subjects and activities.

    -Provides the opportunity to develop good community/school relationships.

    Advantages to School

    -All students will be involved in the community.

    -Broadens the curriculum through community resources.

    -Allows site mentors to share their experiences and serve as positive role models for young adults.

    -Encourages students to stay in their local community and promotes job awareness.

    -Allows a better understanding of an organization's structure and sense of social responsibility.