K-2 Lesson Plans

3/27/20 - Important Message from Primary Elementary Principal

  • March 27, 2020

    Dear Parents:

    Thank you so much for partnering with us to keep instruction going at this difficult time. I am hoping this outline will help clarify our goals and offer you any support you need from us to make this all work. I am arranging a virtual meeting by grade level with teachers to help clarify any questions you have. Below are some general guidelines and expectations for virtual learning.

    What you can expect from us:

    ●       Lessons will be posted daily by your child’s teachers with opportunity for face-to-face instruction and small groups.

    ●       Special Area will post weekly lessons that you can access through their classrooms.

    ●       Device support – if you’re having trouble connecting and/or need devices, there are many people that can help.

    ●       Every teacher that your child sees throughout the week has a Google Classroom that you can access.

    ●       Teachers and support staff are available to assist with strategies for reluctant learners and behavior, if needed.

    ●       Special Education/504 services and accommodations will be provided to students.

    Student Expectations:

    ●       Students will be responsible for logging into their classroom and/or attending meetings with teachers.

    ●       Students will complete the learning tasks that grade level teachers may assign.

    ●       Students will be responsible for logging into any online learning tools (IXL and Raz-Kids) that have been assigned by the teacher.

    ●       Students will be thoughtful and kind in regard to online communications with peers and teachers. It is expected that all online activity be school appropriate.

    ●       Students will ask for help from their teacher if they need it.


    ●       If possible, parents will support/establish a daily schedule that will develop a positive routine for learning each day. Opportunities for evening learning or recorded lessons will be available for those that can’t provide a daytime schedule for a student.

    ●       Parents will promote positive behavior during online learning in class or small groups. (Remember to mute)!

    ●       Parents will reach out to teachers as needed.

    This may be a helpful resource for you:


    Please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything. We will support you in any way possible! Thank you so much for all your support and commitment to learning.

    Stay healthy!

    Best regards,

    Mary Anne O’Connell
    Primary Elementary Principal

3/19/20 - Update from Primary Elementary Principal

  • March 19, 2020

    To Our Dear Families in the Primary School:

    You are amazing! In an almost impossible situation, you have managed to work in partnership with your child’s teacher to create learning at home. I’m sure this has been a challenge. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

    If you still are having trouble connecting to the internet or accessing a device, please feel free to email me at moconnell@westmorelandschool.org or Patrick Cardillo at pcardillo@westmorelandschool.org.

    Tomorrow will be a “school day.” Your child’s teacher will be online to assist. If you are only able to access materials in the evening, that’s fine.

    I know it can be stressful to get kids to do school work in a place other than school. Please don’t stress. Do the best you can. Special area teachers all have classrooms that they’re posting in. It would be good if your child mixes it up with specials too. Kids all have access to RAZ-Kids and IXL. Encourage them to learn, but also, encourage them to play, listen to music, run around… that’s what they need!

    Please feel free to reach out at any time. We are here for you! Once again, I'm amazed how the Westmoreland community supports each other in times of need. Thank you so much!

    Stay well!

    Best regards,

    Mary Anne O’Connell
    Primary Elementary Principal

  • g suite

    Due to the extenuating circumstances, the Westmoreland Central School Dstrict has created District monitored Google accounts for all students, including those in kindergarten through 2nd grade. This has been done to provide a clear and consistent manner of commmunication and organization for homebound online instruction. As a guardian, it is within your right to opt-out your child from these Google services, such as Classroom and Gmail. If you wish to do so, please e-mail techsupport@westmorelandschool.org and ask to opt your child out.