Establishing Your Learning Routine and Preparing Your Learning Space

  • Checking your District Gmail account every day is one thing. Following through on all that you'll need to do at home when you're engaging in virtual learning is another. If you've already set yourself up with good study habits, those habits will support learning in the cloud. Here are some things to think about when you engage in online learning:

    Have a daily routine. Stick to it. Ask your parent or another important adult to help you develop your schedule if you need assistance. Be sure your routine includes breaks, time to be active and time to eat lunch.

    Have a learning space. Use this space when it's time to learn.

    Be sure your learning space includes what you need to learn. You'll need a computer, iPad, Chromebook or other device. You'll need paper, pencils and/or pens. You'll need tools to help you with math like a calculator, ruler, compass and possibly manipulatives like counters. You'll need your textbooks, trade books, composition notebooks or any other curriculum materials that your teacher provides.

    Don't be surprised when your parent or guardian asks you to make your learning space in a shared area of your home like at the kitchen table, a large kitchen counter or a desk in a living room or family room. The reality is that when your learning space is separate from your bedroom and distanced from the television, it triggers your brain that the space is for work and not play. You really will be more productive. And, like it or not, an online learning space in a shared area allows the adult(s) in your home to readily support your learning while also monitoring your online activity. (Yes, they get to see what you do).