Building a Daily Schedule

  • If you're wondering about the idea of a daily routine, keep reading...

    More and more adults are able to work remotely. In fact, some adults have jobs that are done entirely through virtual means. These adults all have daily schedules or routines they use to help them stay focused and on task. When you learn in the cloud, you're going to need to think about this too. To develop your daily schedule, think about what it's like during a typical school day. Think about how teachers post schedules in the classroom or how bells remind students and staff when class is over. Think about your ability to stay focused and how long you know you can reasonably devote your full attention to a task. Below is a sample daily schedule. Your schedule will look different depending upon your family dynamics and your personal learning needs.

    Grades Kindergarten through 6 Schedule

    07:30 AM - Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc.

    08:15 AM - Organize learning space, turn on computer/device, log into any accounts teachers are requiring for classwork

    08:30 AM - Review any daily announcements or emails from teacher(s) and get necessary learning materials (books, workbooks, etc.)

    09:00 AM - Virtual Mathematics Lesson

    10:00 AM - Physical Education - your PE teacher has posted workout or activity videos for you!

    10:30 AM - Independent Reading

    11:00 AM - Lunch and recess. Get outside and get some fresh air if you're able.

    12:00 PM - Virtual ELA Lesson

    01:30 PM - Take a quick stretch and nutrition break

    01:45 PM - Continue to work on class assignments. Don't forget about art, music, and coding!

    02:30 PM - Summarize learning in whatever way requested and submit learning evidence online. This is the end of a full day of virtual learning!

    Learning in the cloud is just as challenging and rigorous as a day of learning in the classroom. Learning just happens in a different place. Like in school, your daily schedule might be a bit different on each day of the week. There will be certain things such as your stretch and nutrition breaks as well as your lunchtime that you'll probably want to keep consistent. What might change are the times you hop online for video sessions or online chats. The more time you spend learning virtually, the more you'll know about what works best for you in terms of keeping focused and on task.