7th and 8th Grade Office Hours

  • Most 7th and 8th grade teachers and counselors have scheduled virtual office hours, or a designated time to meet with students. During office hours, students can contact their teacher(s) to discuss material presented online or ask questions about assignments. This is similar to having a question after class or going to see a teacher before or after school or during lunch or study hall with a concern or to get clarification on an assignment or grade.  Westmo logo

    Students are not required to participate in office hours – rather it is simply when teachers will be available. Office hours may be in the form of an email, Google Hangout or Google Classroom. Teachers will not have lessons planned for office hours. Instead, they will expect students to drive discussion with their questions. A good way for students to prepare for office hours is to attempt assignments, participate in online learning and then clearly identify what requires further instruction.

    Please note that a teacher or counselor may not instantly respond to a student during their office hours, as they may be interacting with another student. However, students should expect a response during office hours.

    How to Participate in Office Hours

    Students should email their teacher(s), and they will disclose how office hours will be conducted and what specific time to meet.

    Office Hours Schedule

    Click here for the full schedule.