• Hi I am Mr. Cucci I have been part of the Westmoreland CSD for 16 years. I am always eager to start the school year, and I am looking forward to 2014-2015.
    I make a daily commute of 35 minutes to and from the town of Russia, which is located between Trenton Falls and Poland. It is truly a beautiful area just inside the Adirondack Park.
    I have the best commute, day in and day out, which my daughter Julia makes with me as she enters the 6th grade in our middle school. This something that I really am grateful for as we have some of the best times on our commute. We get the opportunity to hit some of our favorite food spots on the way home that include Holland Farms, Venice Pizza, Joes Pizza and sometimes Romas in Washington Mills.
    I am really an active person and I tell the kids the only time I am still is when I am in bed. Some of the activities that I participate in are running, fitness training, hiking, and fishing particularly Brook Trout. I often get on the upper Hudson River to white water raft, skiing at Gore Mountain, splitting fire wood for winter, snowmobiling, both road and mountain biking, kayaking, boating, water skiing, camping, dirt bikes, sailing Lake Ontario, zip lining or basically any adventure sport. 
    My family and I like to travel and we go on many day trips as well as long adventures around  the country while trying to do the above adventures on our trips. We really like visiting the ocean so that usually gets into our plans as we make them.  I always pack my bicycle and the salt water fishing gear (striper bass is a favorite of mine) for our adventures.
    I love a cool park or a neat bike path and I am always eager to find a new adventure. I love the thrill and the excitement of testing my physical self as well as the mental focus it takes to do these different activities. I fully believe that this is what being physically educated means and looks like as an adult and am hopeful that our students someday will have some of the same awesome adventures that I get to encounter,