Resource Room
    1. Students who receive Resource services will not receive academic credit for their seat time.
        Resource is additional support through a variety of activities including: pre-teaching,
        re-teaching, study skill, transition planning, compensatory skill training, test modifications,
        testing, ect.
    2. Most resource periods have multiple grade levels and learning groups. I plan to spend my
        time as fairly and efficiently as possible with each group.  Often times, students
        need to wait for my assistance and direction and should refer to the following classroom

    Things you can be doing while I am working with others:  

    a. Complete any tests/long term projects in your folder

    b. Create or study flash cards

    c. Complete any reading assignments for English

    d. Complete at least two sections of Regentsprep.org

    e. Work on homework
        do the following at home each night.
    3. Homework is rarely given in Resource, but each student is expected to:
          a. Complete any assigned reading passages 
          b. Share paper work with parents that needs to be signed