Courses - Changing/Adding/Dropping

  • 1.  Dropping a Course:

    a.  First Three WeeksStudents may withdraw from a course during the first three weeks by presenting a signed permission slip from their parents or guardians to the guidance counselor. Students dropping courses will not be allowed to drop below the 5 credits plus PE requirement. If a teacher initiates a plan for a student to drop a course, it is the teacher's responsibility to explain the reason(s) during the first three weeks of the course. Written parental permission is required before the drop can be made.

    b.  After Three Weeks: Students may be allowed to withdraw from a course after three weeks with teacher, parent and principal approval. If the teacher and counselor feel it is not in the best interest of the student to drop the course, a parent conference with the principal, counselor and teacher may be scheduled before dropping is permitted. Five courses plus PE must be maintained. Any courses dropped after three weeks must be recorded on the permanent record card as either WP (withdrawn passing) or WF (withdrawn failing).

    2.  Adding a Course:

    Adding a course after it has begun will be at the discretion of the teacher and counselor. Parental permission will be required. This can be done only before the start of the fourth week of any course or with principal's recommendation.

    3.  Changing Courses or Scheduled Periods:

    Course changes are to be made prior to the beginning of the school year and have academic basis for change. After student schedules are distributed, student requests to change courses for the following reasons will not be honored:

    a. To have a different teacher (unless the student failed the subject with the teacher in an earlier year)

    b. To accommodate a job commitment/convenience

    c. To provide for late arrival

    d. To accommodate for early dismissal

    e. To accommodate a change in assigned lunch period (unless a change is warranted by/for a medical reason substantiated through the nurse or doctor)