Games From Around The World
    World Games

    As part of our curriculum, all elementary students learn games from around the world. 

    This year, we have expanded the international games unit to include a P.E. pen pals segment.  The students were amazed at the tremendous response they received worldwide.  Our students from Westmoreland were able to communicate with over 25 different nations!  The students received letters from several countries including Slovakia, Scotland, and Egypt.  They were given beautiful Christmas Cards from Russia.  Children from New Zealand and Ireland developed detailed Power Point presentations for our students.  We received video presentations from Cyprus, Hungary & South Korea.  An article was written about our project in a newspaper from Denmark!  Throughout this winter, a weekly Skype session was held before school.   Our students were able introduce themselves and watch their peers from Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and many more countries demonstrate a game for them online.      

           The 3rd and 4th grade students have learned through this experience that informal play, games and sports are unique as they transcend barriers of language, race, government as well as geographical boundaries.   

    2014 P.E. PenPals

    Bogota, Colombia

    Norsborg, Sweden

    Past P.E. Penpals