Learn Presentations Skills Media Production  Learn Presentations Skills
    Do you love giving the details about the news?
    Are you in love with being on camera? Then Media Productions is for you!
    This class gives you hands- on experience using computers and computerized equipment.
    Planning, Preparing, and Executing Westmoreland's News LIVE!
    ~~Class attendance is very important  
    ~~Your participation/attendance are a large part of your grade

    ~~This course introduces students to the technical and creative aspects of Media Productions
    Course Outline: 
    Tools you use:   


          ·         The Internet

    ·         Electronic Mail

    ·         Microphone             

    ·         Digital Camera

    ·         Scanner

    ·         LCD Projection Panel                                

    ·         Sound/Light  Board

    Below are comments from previous students who have taken the class! 


    "This class is a fun learning experience.  I look forward to doing the announcements every morning and Im so glad that i decided to take this class." -

    "A class that is always expanding, there never is a status-quoe.  We have fun everyday bringing the announcements to you.  The class also includes numerous fun inclass projects."