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    Business Education
    Grading Policy
    Grading for all marking periods will be based on the standard criteria for ALL Westmoreland High School Business Courses:
    • Tests & Projects                                                            50%
    • Classwork / Homework / Notes & Quizzes                    25%
    • Class Participation & Work Ethic                                   25%


    Throughout the semester, the student will be asked to complete many exercises and assignments.  The student will have the opportunity to complete much of this work during class.  The student’s willingness to utilize this valuable class time to work on these assignments will be evaluated in the Class Participation / Work Ethic portion of the grade.  In addition, the assignments may be due at the end of class.  In this case, failure to utilize class time appropriately may impact the Classwork and Class Participation grades.

    It is THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to make up missed work.  Work can be made up during study halls or after school with me.
    Thank you for your cooperation!