• Welcome!Welcome!! FRESHMAN SEMINARWelcome!! Welcome!

    EVERY DAY 2/Period 9




    The Ninth Grade Seminar Program at Westmoreland High School is committed to building community.

  • The program fosters a school environment in which each student feels connected to an adult & a small group of peers. 
       Goals for the Westmoreland Freshman Seminar Program 
    • Build group and social skills
    • Acquire problem-solving and decision-making skills by participating in group activities, supporting others' ideas & uniqueness
    • Develop a positive relationship with an adult role model, in which they feel comfortable sharing personal, academic & social concerns
    • Work on group-generated projects that benefit others
    • Learn to enjoy & celebrate occasions, accomplishments & achievements
    • Participate in non-academic activities that are fun 

    This will be a great year!!