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    MONDAY, May 10th: "A" Day 
    11AP:  Remember: you should have taken and submitted your practice argument essay on AP Board. We will be doing another peer review do a final tune-up with the rhetorical analysis piece
    11:   We will start by introducing your last set of log topics for the year; then, we will be wrapping up whatever is left of "A Rose for Emily"
    TUESDAY, May 11th  "B" DAY: Vocab Unit 13 Passage is due today
     11AP:  Final peer review of your rhetorical analysis pieces. Then, we will end our review by watching a quick videoon best strategies for attacking the multiple choice and, if we have time, do one more practice multiple choice in small groups. There is a video for you to watch before we meet again on Friday titled "An Animated History of Ireland" that introduces some background information on the author of the essay "A Modest Proposal" - 
    11:  Today, if we wrapped up "Rose" yesterday, you will watch a video of this short story. Then, you will be getting instructions on the final today,  - tomorrow will be the final
    WEDNESDAY, May 12th "A" DAY 
    11AP:  AP English Language and Composition exam is today!!!!!
    11:  You will  be writing your final piece for "Rose" today
    THURSDAY, May 13th "B" DAY: 
    11AP:  To Mrs. Lane's 
    11: Today, you will be working on your speed writes - I am expecting that you do your draft in class for the first half, and then I will be conferencing with each of you individually for the second half - this is your last one; it should be your best.
    FRIDAY, May 14th "A" Day: 
    11AP:  You should've watched the video on the History of Ireland. We are going to move on with our Money unit and look at an older piece titled "A Modest Proposal," first by defining the words in the title, and then by deconstructing paragraphs 1-7, doing a "Stop and Jot," before you move on with the piece. I expect your to finish the piece for class on Monday.
    11: Today we will begin another short story - "Hands" - you'll get the annotations packet and you will start with an activity and then hear the piece in its entirety. First thoughts and then we will start to peel this story apart 
    Log Topics  11: Speed write is this week