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    MONDAY, May 17th: "B" Day 
    11AP:  Remember: you should have finished reading and annotating "A Modest Proposal" and completing the "Stop and Jot" sheet for paragraphs 8-10.  Today, we will be doing 2 things: the first is a "deep dive" into pp 11-19, and then an activity for pp 21-28/ We will also discuss p 20 - which delineates a major shift in tone for the piece. We will end with you devising a "Modest Proposal" of your own.
    11:   We will wrap up the second half of the questions for this piece and I will introduce the final response - tomorrow
    TUESDAY, May 18th  "A" DAY: 
     11AP:  To Mrs. Lane's
    11:  Today, will be the final on "Hands"
    WEDNESDAY, May 19th "B" DAY 
    11AP:  I will be introducing your final task for "A Modest Proposal," which is for you to research and find a satirical piece (from sites I provide for you) to read, annotate and then write an analysis of what the author did to express his or her disdain for the subject.  There is a signup sheet so tht there are no duplications. It will be due Friday.  For Friday, I need you to watch the documentary, "Dive!" Unless I am able to show it in class.
    11:  Today, we are going to look at an expository scientific essay, called "The Spider and the Wasp."  This is a very famous piece that uses deductive, as well as hypothetical reasoning to try to determine a very unusual behavior on the part of both these species.
    THURSDAY, May 20th "A" DAY: 
    11AP:  To Mrs. Lane's 
    11: Today, we will wrap up the "Spider and the Wasp" annotations and set up the response for this piece
    FRIDAY, May 21st "B" Day: 
    11AP:  You should have viewed "Dive!" for today's class - then we will have a discussion centered around a class question, and we will begin looking at our piece called "Dumpster Diving." 
    11: Today is your final on "The Spider and the Wasp."
    MONDAY, May 24th: "A" Day 
    11AP:  Remember: you should have finished the 12 questions from "On Dumpster Diving" and submitted them to Classroom. Today, I will be introducing your final Memoir project, titled "The Stranger in Your Photo." I will explain it, go over the instructions and details, and also show you examples of a finished product. You will be working on this for the rest of the week.
    11:   We will start with a grammar lesson on dangling modifiers.  Then, I will introduce your "Brother's Grimm" task by starting with a "Mingling" activity, reading both a fairy tale and an article - which you will annotate in groups - and finally laying out the task for you to do on your own.
    TUESDAY, May 25th  "B" DAY: 
     11AP:  To Mrs. Lane's
    11:  Today, you will choose your fairy tale, read and annotate it for the best TBDs you will use in order to strengthen the position you will be taking on your argument task.
    WEDNESDAY, May 26th "A" DAY 
    11AP To Mrs. Lane's (but remember that your Photograph Project is out there)
    11:  Today, you will have the double period to write your position paper - remember: you must defend your argument by using the position taken by the author of the anchor article, and then either supporting or refuting it through the fairy tale that you chose.  Don't forget to use a counter claim - but be sure to show why it's not as strong of an argument as the one you are taking.
    THURSDAY, May 27th "B" DAY: 
    11AP:  To Mrs. Lane's 
    11: Today, you will use the double period to finish your log essay - submit it at the end of class
    FRIDAY, May 28th: No School - Memorial Day Holiday
    Log Topics  11: Final log topic this week