•  Zi3 Grand Opening Catalog
    Zi3 March 30, 2016 Zi3
    The place where students, staff, and community members
    can collaborate, research, design, build and inspire.
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    Computer Tools
    Staying Safe Online (6:30-7:00) Age 11 & Up
    The Internet has drastically changed how people access the world. There are tools and resources at our fingertips, but there are also risks. Learn how to stay safe online. - Phil Zaleski
    Google Tools For Parents (7:00-7:30) Adults
    Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is an integrated communication and collaboration solution. An introduction for parents on the world of Google. - Melissa Morris
    Culinary Arts
    Cooking Healthy with Kids (6:30-7:00) Adults
    Learn how to make healthy snacking and food options fun for kids!
    - Kristen Szarek & Lisa Davis
    Intro To Cake Decorating (7:00-7:30) Ages 16 & Up
    Learn about and use basic equipment and flower design technique to decorate your own cake. All supplies will be provided. - Darlene Kemp
    STEAM/Arts and Crafts
    Painting and Pendulums (7:00-8:00) All Ages
    Learn about forces of motion and gravity using a new painting technique. Participants will come away with a one of a kind piece of
    art. - Moe and Sarah Lalonde
    Yarn Birds (6:30-7:00) Age 8 & Up
    Got too much yarn laying around? Don't know what to do with those pieces? Come make your own yarn bird! Parents are welcome to work with their children. - Cate Reynolds 
    Special Interest
    Conversational Spanish (6:00-6:30) Adults
    An introduction to basic grammar needed for personal, social, and travel in Spanish Culture. - Eric Gamboa
    Learn about the fly fishing sport, best equipment and bait selection, as well as tying your own flies. - Michael Reilley
    Coding and Robotics (6:00-6:30) or (7:00-7:30) All Ages
    Learn about the basic ideas of coding and how to program a robot. Please choose one session. - Keith Kulpa
    Robotic Demonstration (7:00-7:30) or (7:30 - 8:00) All Ages
    Meet NAOmi, a programmable, interactive robot. Introduction to robotics, courses, and careers related to programming and coding.
    Please choose one session. - Laurie Yager 
    S’More Challenge (6:00-6:30) Ages 5-10 with an Adult
    The S'more Challenge is for a parent and child team to work together
    to solve a fun engineering problem. - Lisa Davis
    Bulldog Pride Glassware (6:00 - 6:30) or (7:30 - 8:00) All Ages with an Adult
    Learn to use the laser cutter to create and design your own WCS pride glass! Please choose one session. - Colby Utter