• August 24, 2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    As we begin this year, we will continue to face challenges together. We’re hoping this information will provide the guidelines for instruction that will help us all work together to ensure kids continue to learn and grow throughout the school year.  Westmo logo

    What you can expect from us:

    ●       Chromebooks will be distributed prior to the first day of school.  

    ●       Students will have access to Chromebooks and use of Google Classroom.  

    ●       Device support - If you’re having trouble connecting or need tech support, you can contact Tech Support at techsupport@westmorelandschool.org

    ●       Teachers and support staff are available to assist with strategies for reluctant learners and behavior, if needed.

    ●       Special Education/504 services and accommodations will be provided to students.

    ●       Special Areas will post lessons as well as provide live meetings.

    Student Expectations:

    ●       Remote Learners - Students will be responsible for logging into their classroom and/or attending meetings with teachers at their scheduled times daily.

    ●       Students will complete the learning tasks that grade level teachers assign.

    ●       Students will be responsible for logging into any online learning tools (IXL and Raz-Kids) that have been assigned by the teacher.

    ●       In Person Learning - Students will be expected to wear masks in school. Breaks will be offered by teachers throughout the day. Students will practice good hygiene, hand washing and social distancing.

    ●       Students are expected to attend school each day, unless excused by parent/guardian, whether they are learning remotely or in person. Attendance will be taken.


    ●       Remote Learners - Parents will support/establish a daily schedule that will develop a positive routine for learning each day. Parents will promote positive behavior during online learning in class or small groups. Parents will support their children to stay on task, but allow children to complete their own work. Struggle is part of learning!

    ●       Parents will reach out to teachers as needed.

    This may be a helpful resource for you:


    Please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything. We will support you in any way possible! Thank you so much for all your support and commitment to learning.

    Stay healthy!

    Best Regards,

    Mary Anne O’Connell – Primary Elementary School Principal
    Trevor Haskell – Upper Elementary School Principal