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Capital Project Update #4: November 17, 2020

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On November 13, 2018, district voters approved a proposed capital project. The project, designed to keep our school campus as safe, updated and conducive to learning as possible, is officially underway.

There are four major components:

-Life Safety
-ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance
-Energy Savings
-Standard Replacements/Upgrades

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Update #4: November 17, 2020

Installation of a new lift at Bus Garage

Exterior spray foam has been applied and the interior block walls have been completed. Siding, window and garage door installation is in progress. The installation of the new bus lift, in compliance with New York State Department of Transportation standards, is expected to be completed in early January, with all other work on schedule to be completed by the end of January (Photo #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6).

Replacement of portions of Jr./Sr. High School roof

All planned roof replacement is finished.

Replacement of Jr./Sr. High School boiler system

Four new high efficiency hot water boilers and related unit ventilators, creating a total hot water system, have been installed and will be fully operational by the end of December. The new boilers will reduce energy consumption and provide for better temperature control (Photo #7).

Replacement of Jr./Sr. High School Gym air handling units

All duct work is finished. New rooftop units have been installed.

Replacement of Jr./Sr. High School Gym floor

The replacement of the gym floor is finished. All other work, including painting, is done as well (Photo #8, #9, #10 and #11).

Improved parking and handicapped parking at Jr./Sr. High School

Paving from the entrance of the Jr./Sr. High School to the front of the Bus Garage, along with new landscaping, is finished. Drainage and signage has also been installed (Photo #12, #13, #14, #15 and #16).

Replacement of portions of Jr./Sr. High School corridor ceiling and installation of new LED lighting

New ceiling grids have been installed. The installation of LED lighting is in progress and has been completed in some corridors (Photo #17).

Classroom upgrades at Jr./Sr. High School

New ceilings, lighting and vertical unit ventilators have been installed in all designated classrooms. The installation of temperature controls is in progress (Photo #18 and #19).


-A new fire alarm system, along with additional emergency lighting units, is being installed at the Jr./Sr. High School and Primary Elementary School to satisfy the current New York State code requirements for verbal notification and proper coverage. The new fire alarm system at the Primary Elementary School has been installed. Installation of the new fire alarm system at the Jr./Sr. High School is scheduled to be completed by the end of December. In the interim, the current fire alarm system will still be operational.

-As part of the capital project, several doors throughout the district – primarily classroom doors – will be replaced. The new doors, along with existing doors not chosen for replacement, will contain intruder lock function hardware, which allows a door to be locked without stepping into the hallway, or potentially into an unsafe situation. Door glazing will also be replaced with breach restraint glazing. These measures will enhance current safety and security measures already in place. The new doors are on site and installation/work will occur over the next several months.

-Bus Garage construction is taking place during the day. Any other remaining, interior work, will continue to occur after school hours to prevent disruptions to the educational process/instruction.